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IUEC Local 71
International Union of Elevator Constructors - Miami, FL
September 15, 2019
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  June 2009
  Passing of Brother Keith Horn
  Expelled Members June 2009
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  Local 71 2012 Dolphin Tournament Winners
  June 2008
  Our Condolences to Brother Randy Morrison
  Services for Daniel Blanks
  Passing of Honorary Member Brother Billy O'Neill
  July 2008
  Brother Richard Barnea
  Funeral Services for Brother Bob Haff
  Lisa Brunette (wife of Brother Kevin Brunette)
  Brother Richard "Rick" Harrison
  Celebration of Life For Brother Frank Williams
  October 2013
  Condolences to Brother Descalzo and Family
  July 2009
  August 2009
  September 2009
  October 2009
  Kevin Schreier
  John "Jaybird" Rodgers
  Winners-2013 Dolphin Tournament, Saturday June 1st
  April 2014
  Serives for Honorary Retired Brother Bruce Bloomfield
  August 2010
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  December 2010
  September 2008
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  August 2008
  Passing of Honorary Retired Brother Milton Long
  November 2009
  January 2010
  February 2010 Original/Revised
  Guess What, Heritage: Strong Economies Have Strong Unions
  Passing of Honorary Retired Brother Joe Pettit
  Services for Honorary Retired Brother Joe Pettit
  Brother Frank Lucas Memorial and Celebration of Life
  Brother George Middleton
  Expelled Members - Nov. 2009
  March 2010
  Antonio Mille
  Brother Frank Lucas
  Brother George Graham, 9/13/42-10/12/12
  January 2011 Union Meeting and 88th Birthday
  Passing of Brother Andrew Somma's Father
  Brother Dean Carithers
  Brother Jay Morris
  April 2009
  Frances Pettit
  Passing of Brother Ernesto Ramos
  Passing of Penny Black, Wife of Brother Ricky Black
  Our Condolences to Honorary Retired Brother Jeff Aronson
  November 2011
  January 2012
  March 2012
  April 2012
  May 2009
  March 2009
  April 2010
  May 2010
  Funeral Services for Caroline Carlsen
  May 2011
  September 2011
  October 2011
  November 2011
  Our Condolences to Brother Rodney Belles
  Brother David Waller
  March 2011
  Expelled Members - April 2010
  2011 Fishing Tournament Results
  June 2010
  Jim Allen, 21 Year Member of IUEC Local 71
  January 2014
  March 2014
  Brother Jason W, Moyer, Dec. 5, 1969-May 11, 2009
  Brother Jack Haka
  Expelled Members September 2009
  Enjoy Retirement, Brother Derek Stapleton!
  July 2013
  August 2013
  April 2008
  Joshua Griffith, son of Brother Dennis Rivera
  Funeral Service for Honorary Retired Brother Arthur Carlsen
  Time Sensitive Information regarding Workers Employed at EFH Associated Power Plants
  Memorial Service for Brother Dale Hull
  Brother Rodney Ramos
  June 2013
  Passing of Honorary Member Robert "Bob" Sanders
  March 2008
  Passing of Honorary Retired Brother Ed Scoggin
  February 2008
  January 2008
  April 2013
  May 2013
  February 2013
  The Passing of Honorary Member Bill Pelletier
  Passing of Brother Thomas Story
  Celebration of Life Gathering for Brother Daniel Schon
  Passing of Honorary Retired Brother Bob Durstine
  2012 Retiree Dinner
  Kone Pay Issue
  Brother Jim Sundman
  Brother Ken Mittelberg
  Memorial Service for Jane Walter
  NYC Elevator Accident Criminal Charges
  Swivel Snaphook Inspection Notification
  Brother Josman Pena
  Honorary Member Clifford O'Shields
  Honorary Retired Brother Jack Gallion
  Brother Carl Cergol
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Upcoming Events
Executive Board Meeting
Sep 23, 2019
Naples / Ft. Myers Informational Union Meeting
Oct 03, 2019
Union Meeting
Oct 14, 2019
Local 71 Union Hall 3800 NW 35th Ave Miami
Executive Board Meeting
Oct 28, 2019
Annual Local 71 Picnic
Nov 02, 2019
CB Smith Park Pavilion 19

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