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IUEC Local 71
International Union of Elevator Constructors - Miami, FL
May 30, 2020
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Welcome to Local 71!

Greetings from Miami, Florida, home to Local 71 of the International Union of Elevator Constructors.

We are the mechanics, apprentices and helpers that build, maintain, repair, and modernize elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters,stage lifts, moving walks, wheelchair lifts and other vertical transportation equipment in South Florida.

We are an AFL/CIO affiliated labor union. We provide bargaining unit representation, education, pension, medical, dental, vision plan and other traditional union services to our approximately 850 members. 

What's New at IUEC 71
MyLink Member Portal

The IUEC MyLink member portal is now online.

You can access the instructions here .

MyLink is a valuable tool for members to:

 View and update your contact information and address

* View your Benefit Hours

* View your financial balance with the local (if your Local is using the Member Finance)

* Sign  and submit documents such as Dues check off authorization, withdrawal request, etc.

* View document specific to your local, such as; Local Constitution & Bylaws, Local expense Agreements, Local jurisdiction, etc.

If you have any questions, contact the Union Hall.


Addendum to MOU - Furloughs and Reduced Hour Workweeks

Brothers and Sisters,

This information was received on Friday, May 8th.  Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to pass this on to you. 

Please review, and contact the Hall if you have any questions.


Brother Greg Levenson  

Message from GST-McGann--URGENT: Congressional Outreach Call to Action

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am asking for your support, please review the important information provided in the letter below from Michael Scott, Executive Director of the National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans-NCCMP.  By our IUEC local leaders and members reaching out to Congress, this will reinforce the much-needed relief to the pension and health funds to be considered for future stimulus.  Please use the contact information and talking point links provided to contact your Congressman or Congresswoman who can influence the decision while this is in the discussion period.  Your voice and emails are needed during this crisis. 

On behalf of your General Officers we appreciated your continued efforts to get the job done.


Larry J. McGann

General Secretary-Treasurer

April 24, 2020
Dear Multiemployer Community,
Today, the President signed H.R. 266 which provided additional authority for the Paycheck Protection Program and support for health care providers. This is commonly referred to as the COVID 3.5 stimulus package. In less than eight weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has put more than 26.4 million Americans out of work and driven Congress and the Federal Reserve to structure more than $20 trillion in financial market liquidity and direct aid to the economy.
The hard work now begins on a broader, more comprehensive stimulus bill (either "CARES 2" or "COVID 4.0") which addresses the areas that have been left out of the previous relief packages. Congress must now include multiemployer pension relief and federal support for COBRA premiums in CARES 2/COVID 4.0. As engaged participating members of the multiemployer community, we all know how important it is to get Congress to act on these two critical priorities.
The crisis in a limited number of systemically important multiemployer pension plans has been deeply exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the related market collapse, and the government mandated shutdown of the U.S. economy. The shutdown of the economy has resulted in millions of unemployed workers and significantly reduced contributions to multiemployer pension and health plans. While the full impact of the health and economic crisis will not be known for some time, there is no doubt that the impact on participants, employers, plans and the PBGC will be severe.
We call on each of you to reach out personally to your Senators and Representatives to impress upon them the urgency of multiemployer pension legislation and COBRA premium support in the next COVID bill.
To assist you, we are attaching the contact information for particularly important Congressional leaders and their staff (the first tab is a priority ranking; the second tab is sorted by state). Below (and attached) are talking points that you may consider using in your outreach.
Please reach out to us if we can provide you with any information or support. If you have the opportunity, please let us know which offices you have contacted.
Michael D. Scott
Executive Director
National Coordinating Committee for Multiemployer Plans - NCCMP
815 16th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: (202) 756-4679
Cell: (202) 394-8427

Download: Congressional Contact List Pension and COBRA.xlsx , Congressional Talking Points.docx
Message from General Officers and Trustees of the IUEC 401(k)/Annuity- Emergency Plan/ Coronavirus

Download: ECA401k Plan Emergency Coronavirus-Related Distribution Application.pdf
US Dept. of Labor New OSHA Poster

Download: OSHA3994 -poster English.pdf
Message from IUEC Safety Committee --COVID 19

Brothers and Sisters,

If the COVID19 crisis is causing you and your family members stress, anxiety or hindering your daily life, please follow the link to Beacon Health or call our MAP at 800-331-4824 24/7 for help.


IUEC Safety Committee

COVID-19 Testing, Telehealth Options (Virtual Office Visits), and Benefits Office Operations

Brothers and Sisters,

The NEI Benefits Plan is offering important updates to your benefits. 

For Information click here:

100% Coverage for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing AND Telehealth / Virtual Visits (Medical), and Benefits Office Operations

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Aug 03, 2020

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Upcoming Events
Executive Board Meeting
Jun 22, 2020
Probationary Meeting
Jul 06, 2020
Union Meeting
Jul 13, 2020
3800 NW 35th Avenue Miami, FL 33142
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Probationary Meeting
Aug 03, 2020

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